Luxury Apartment

Ghana’s real estate sector has seen tremendous growth in recent years, especially in the luxury apartment segment. As more high-end developments come up across the country, particularly in Accra and Kumasi, it becomes crucial for potential residents to evaluate the amenities on offer. Choosing a luxury apartment home is a major decision that requires careful consideration of factors like location, pricing, unit sizes, and amenities, among others.

This article provides a detailed guide on the essential amenities to look out for when assessing luxury apartments in Ghana. We also offer tips on evaluating the overall value and quality of amenities provided.

Prime Location

One of the top factors to evaluate in a luxury apartment is its location. Prime locations allow easy access to necessary amenities and facilities. When viewing apartments, consider proximity to:

  • Central business districts
  • Highways and major roads
  • International schools
  • Hospitals
  • Shopping malls
  • Restaurants
  • Recreational spots like parks, clubs, and gyms

Ideally, the apartment should be a short drive from arteries connecting different parts of the city. Being centrally located or close to your workplace is a major plus. Avoid apartments in remote areas or with limited road access.

Ample Parking

Parking is a serious concern, especially in cramped city neighbourhoods. The high cost of garage parking makes it a valuable amenity in luxury apartments. Assess both outdoor and indoor parking:

  • Number of spaces available
  • Allocated or unallocated spots
  • Sheltered or open-air outdoor parking
  • Security features like CCTV surveillance and access control
  • Additional parking for visitors
  • Adequate lighting and ventilation in indoor parking

The availability of sufficient secure parking on the premises provides great convenience for residents with vehicles.

Spacious Apartment Sizes

While location and parking are critical, the apartment unit itself matters most. Evaluate the sizes of units on offer to ensure they match your spatial needs.

Aspects to review:

  • Total square footage of units
  • Floor plans and layouts
  • Number of bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Size of rooms – especially living areas
  • Availability of multi-level units
  • Provisions for in-home office spaces

Luxury apartments should provide spacious, intelligently designed units with roomy bedrooms and ample living areas. Flexible floor plans also allow customization to suit residents’ lifestyles.

High-End Finishes

The quality of finishes speaks volumes about the luxury quotient of an apartment. Scrutinise aspects like:

  • Flooring – hardwood, marble, tiles, wall-to-wall carpeting
  • Bathrooms – material finishes, showers, bathtubs, faucets
  • Wardrobes and closet organisers
  • Kitchen cabinets, countertops and backsplashes
  • Energy-efficient window frames
  • Home automation features
  • Washer/dryer provisions

Opt for modern, durable finishes that offer both aesthetics and functionality. Also, assess smart home technologies that provide convenience and security.

Resort-Style Facilities

One key characteristic of luxury living is access to hotel-like amenities within the residential premises. Evaluate the recreational and leisure facilities available onsite:

  • Swimming pools
  • Gym and fitness centre
  • Clubhouse
  • Sports courts
  • Children’s play areas
  • Landscaped gardens, walking trails
  • Barbecue/lounge areas
  • Spa, sauna, steam rooms
  • Movie theatre
  • Golf simulator, pool tables

Such facilities provide the perfect antidote to stressful urban living. Shared amenities also nurture a sense of community among residents.

24/7 Manned Security

Security is a prime requirement, not a privilege, for luxury apartments in Ghana. Assess the security arrangements:

  • Guard booths at entrances/exits
  • Intercom systems
  • Keycard or biometric access control
  • Burglar-proofing – grills, alarms, etc.
  • Surveillance systems – CCTV, cameras
  • Regular patrols by security personnel
  • Rapid response teams
  • Controlled access to outsiders/visitors
  • Safe visitor parking

The apartment management should provide round-the-clock professional manned security suited for an elite development. Look for a layered defence system covering all vulnerable areas.

Backup Power Supply

Given Ghana’s challenges with reliable power supply, a backup electric system is essential. Evaluate the available provisions for power backup:
Capacity of generators or inverters
Coverage of common areas and residences
Fuel supply arrangements for generators
Automatic changeover from the main grid in case of outages
Periodic testing and maintenance
Staff training on electrical systems
Choose an apartment with sufficient generator capacity to run elevators, and safety systems, and provide power for residential units during blackouts.

Excellent Property Management

Assessing the property management team is key when selecting an apartment. Look out for:

  • Reputation and experience of the management company
  • Qualifications and training of personnel
  • Responsiveness in addressing issues
  • Digital systems for managing utilities, payments, etc.
  • Standard processes for repairs/complaints redressal
  • Friendliness of front desk and security staff
  • General upkeep and cleanliness
  • Financial stability and transparency

An efficient and proactive management style inspires confidence and ensures a smoothly run establishment. Avoid complexes with unprofessional operations.

Strong Tenant Vetting

Living alongside principled, law-abiding neighbours enhances your luxury apartment experience. The property management should have a rigorous tenant approval process, including:

  • Thorough background/identity verification
  • Creditworthiness checks
  • Requesting tenant references
  • Ensuring the legal residency status of foreigners
  • Checking any criminal history or red flags
  • Review of tenant occupation and number of occupants

Such careful screening minimises risks for other residents within the gated community.

Strategic Payment Plans

As a luxury development, rental rates and payment plans are unlikely to be basic. Look into:

  • Rental prices per month
  • Expected annual increments
  • Payment frequency – monthly, quarterly, etc.
  • Discount for advance lump sum payments
  • Accepted payment modes
  • Associated processing fees
  • Late payment penalties and interest
  • Security deposit amounts

Opt for apartments that offer transparent and flexible payment systems that suit your financial plans.


The mark of a truly luxury apartment lies in providing premium amenities, facilities, construction quality, and service standards. Location, parking availability, spacious units, and security systems should be non-negotiable when evaluating luxury rentals in Ghana. Assess the property holistically across all aspects covered above before deciding if it is the right upscale home for you. Pay close attention to the adequacy and maintenance of amenities provided. Ensure they justify the premium rental pricing. With careful prior evaluation, you can make the right choice that meets your lifestyle needs and expectations.

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Q1: What are the most important factors when assessing luxury apartments in Ghana?

The location, size of units, quality of finishes and appliances, security systems, backup power, parking provisions, and recreational facilities onsite should be top considerations. Also, review the management team and their processes.

Q2: How much parking should a luxury apartment provide?

At a minimum, one covered parking spot per residential unit. Additional open parking for visitors, unallocated spaces, as well as reserved bays available at extra cost make for better amenities.

Q3: What security features are expected in luxury complexes?

24/7 manned security, access control systems, extensive CCTV coverage, a multi-layered defence design, trained patrol teams, and rapid response capability in emergencies.

Q4: Should luxury apartments have backup generators?

Yes, full capacity diesel generators capable of running elevators, safety systems, and providing power to residential units in case of outages are a must.

Q5: What should you check about the property management team?

Their reputation, staff qualifications, responsiveness, use of technology, processes for repairs and complaints, financial strength, and general upkeep of premises.