City life is fast-paced. It is a life of speed, traffic, and work. Whiles many find city life as boring and pressure-driven, others see it as exciting, convenient, and adventurous. Here are four reasons to live in the city.

Transport accessibility

Accra has the best transport accessibility in Ghana; wherever you want to go is just Uber, bolt, yango, dropyn, or regular taxi call away. If you have a car, the better, you can move to popular locations easily; places such as; workplace, airport, bus terminal or hotel. Living in the city can be problematic during the rush hours of 7 am and 5pm; however, you can simply tune in to music and enjoy a slow drive or ride home.

Lifestyle spice

Living in the city is a lifestyle choice; the city becomes what you make it to be. If you are a workaholic, the city will only be a place of work; if you are a tourist, the city becomes to catch some fun at malls, pubs, nightclubs, beaches, and restaurants. The city is the definition of true fun and true business.

Better education centers

All the big shot schools find themselves in Accra. If you want your children to attend the best and privileged schools, you better live in the city. Apart from public schools, you can find renowned international and private schools for your children. If quality education matters to you, you should find yourself in the city to take advantage of what it offers.

Even though you would find some quality schools outside the city, it is undoubtedly a fact that the hub of true education is in the city.

Job Opportunities

Almost 90% of Government and business headquarters are located in the city, and the simple reason is that Accra is the heartbeat of Ghana. Every business wants to be located where there is easy accessibility to transport, electricity, and other amenities. Because of the numerous opportunities living in the city brings, it also provides job employment to the teeming young population.

Many people migrate to the city in search of jobs and business opportunities.

It is much easier to secure a job in the city than anywhere else; thus, contributing to the population boom that causes price hikes and traffic.

Cosmopolitan social interaction

There is no place than in the city where you would find an integration of cultures. Accra has over 200 different cultural groups, both locally and globally. The cosmopolitan social integration allows for some level of tolerance amongst people; neighbors, co-workers, and acquaintances.

Ghana is well-acclaimed as the most friendly country in West Africa; and one of the most hospitable in Africa. The socially integrated lifestyle in the city of Accra explains why it is the best holiday and business destination for both local and global people. In the city, you can find any type of food to eat and at any time.

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