luxury apartment in ghana

Purchasing a luxury apartment in Ghana, especially in prime locations like Airport City in Accra, is a major investment that requires careful planning and negotiation. With high demand and limited supply for upscale properties, buyers need effective strategies to get the best deal. Here are some tips for negotiating and securing your dream luxury apartment in Ghana.

Know the Market Conditions

Before entering negotiations, research the current real estate market conditions in the specific area and the type of property you want. Track sales and rental prices over the past 6-12 months to identify trends. Learn about new developments coming on the market that could impact demand and pricing. This market knowledge will help you determine a reasonable price range and negotiating points.

  • Consult real estate websites and online listings to see current asking prices for comparable properties.
  • Connect with a real estate agent familiar with the local luxury market who can provide historical sales data.
  • Drive around the target neighbourhood to spot any new constructions in progress.

Getting a sense of the overall market supply and demand balances will strengthen your negotiation stance.

Understand Your Budget Limitations

Having a clear sense of your budget limitations is essential before you start negotiating. Factors that impact affordability include:

  • The down payment amount available
  • Income and ability to qualify for financing
  • Ongoing property costs like taxes, maintenance fees, etc.

Crunch the numbers to determine your all-in maximum price for purchasing and owning the property. This will allow you to stand firm if the seller tries to push you over your limits. Be sure to get pre-approved for a mortgage, so you know what you can realistically spend.

Research the Property Details

Learn everything you can about the specific luxury apartment in Ghana and the building you want to purchase. Some key details to investigate:

  • Floorplan layout and square footage
  • Age of the building and renovations done
  • Past sales records for the unit or comparable ones
  • Facilities like pool, gym, security
  • Transportation options nearby
  • School districts if relevant

The more informed you are about the property’s specs and history, the better equipped you’ll be to assess fair market value and negotiate effectively with the seller. Visit the building several times at different times of the day/week to evaluate noise levels, amenities usage, etc.

Determine Your Negotiation Priorities

Before submitting an offer, decide what aspects of the deal are the highest priority for negotiations. This may include:


  • Aim for a price supported by your market research and budget limitations.
  • Consider starting 10-20% below the list price to leave room for counteroffers.


  • Request certain existing furnishings or renovations be included in the sale.
  • Push for closing costs assistance if moving from a budget standpoint.


  • Propose a closing date favourable to your moving plans.
  • Make leaseback requests if you need flexibility for current housing.


  • Subject sale to inspection period or financing approval to reduce risk.
  • Include an appraisal contingency to ensure fair market value.

Identify 2-3 negotiation points critical to your purchase goals. Recognize what you’re willing to concede on versus dealbreakers.

Make a Competitive Offer

Draft an offer letter that reflects your key priorities, demonstrates you’ve done research, and provides a win-win opportunity for the seller. Some tips:

  • Open with your strongest price offer, rather than starting too low.
  • Share comparable sales and listings to back up your proposed price.
  • Politely emphasize how prompt closing, flexible move dates, waived contingencies, etc. can benefit the seller.
  • Mention how much you love the particular unit and neighbourhood.

A competitive, well-structured first offer can set the tone for productive negotiations versus tense haggling.

Negotiate with Assertiveness and Empathy

Approach all interactions with the seller directly or through brokers with a balance of confidence and compassion. Some pointers:

  • State your positions firmly but also listen carefully to seller concerns.
  • If you disagree, explain your stance politely without emotions.
  • Offer creative solutions to address needs on both sides.
  • Compliment the unit and empathise with motivations for selling.
  • Compromise where possible to reach a fair middle ground.

Professionalism, flexibility and collaboration will build trust and goodwill during sensitive negotiations.

Leverage Competitive Dynamics

In hot real estate markets, using competitive dynamics can help secure your desired luxury apartment in Ghana. Strategies may include:

  • Asking if there are multiple offers and gauging the seller’s willingness to accept yours.
  • Making the strongest offer possible right away, forcing other buyers to react.
  • Requesting a quick decision deadline to pressure the seller.
  • Ensuring your agent leverages relationships and reputation to influence the listing broker.

However, avoid overly aggressive tactics that may backfire, and keep focus on the end goal of a reasonable deal.

Remain Patient and Persistent

Real estate negotiations rarely happen instantly. Expect a number of back-and-forth communications before coming to an agreement. When hit with resistance:

  • Stay calm and reaffirm your interest in finding common ground.
  • Offer tweaks to your proposal that address the seller’s concerns while still meeting your needs.
  • Insert deadline reminders subtly to refocus the seller on urgency.

With a balanced approach, you can achieve an optimal deal on your luxury apartment in Ghana. Staying patient and persistent through any negotiation challenges will pay off.

Close Strong with a Win-Win Agreement

At last, the negotiations are wrapping up and it’s time for final signatures. To get everything wrapped up:

  • Express genuine excitement that you’ve found an apartment and community you’re thrilled to call home. This positive energy helps end talks on a high note.
  • Offer sincere thanks to the seller for working collaboratively with you.
  • Reinforce how you both achieved respective priorities within the deal.
  • Share your plans to be a respectful long-term resident and contributor to the building community.

This win-win close ensures the deal gets done while laying the groundwork for an amicable future relationship with neighbours. Enjoy your luxury apartment in Ghana!

FAQs About Purchasing Luxury Apartment in Ghana

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about purchasing luxury apartment in Ghana:

  1. What paperwork is involved in buying a Luxury apartment in Ghana?

You will need to sign a sales and purchase agreement, and transfer deed, and register the purchase with the Lands Commission. Your agent can help facilitate the required documentation.

  1. What fees and taxes apply when buying a luxury apartment in Ghana? 

Expect to pay legal fees, property taxes, a value added tax (VAT) and stamp duty. Exact costs vary based on property price.

  1. How can I get a mortgage to buy an apartment in Ghana? 

Major banks like Ecobank and Standard Chartered provide apartment financing options. You’ll need a substantial down payment of around 40%.

  1. Should I use a real estate agent when apartment shopping in Ghana? 

Yes, agents have specialized knowledge and networking contacts. They’ll also ensure documentation adherence to protect your interests.

  1. What amenities can I expect in a luxury high rise apartment in Ghana? 

Full-service luxury buildings have amenities like outdoor pools, fitness centres, clubhouses, 24/7 security, backup generators, and more.


Purchasing a luxury apartment in Ghana is an exciting endeavour that requires careful financial planning and astute negotiation skills. By thoroughly researching the market and building, understanding your budget limitations, determining key priorities, making competitive offers, collaborating with empathy, leveraging advantages, and remaining persistent, buyers can land their dream upscale unit. For those seeking a luxury lifestyle in the heart of Accra, VAAL Ghana’s Harmonia Residence development offers an unmatched apartment living experience. Contact our team today to learn more about available penthouse and multi-bedroom residences with resort-style amenities awaiting at Harmonia. We wish you the best of luck negotiating and securing the perfect luxury apartment in Ghana!