Team Players

Finding a house to buy or rent can be tasking; an individual can have a hard time searching for the ideal and best choice. In comparison with dogs who wander about for shelter and food in the city, and when they do not find neighboring dogs, they feel frustrated and tired; house hunters can experience apathy when they cannot find what they are searching for.

Dogs who keep company with other dogs, feel safer and can easily find food and shelter in a pack; similarly, home buyers and renters, in the company of real estate agents, consultants, family, attorneys, and lenders, can easily and safely find the right houses to buy or rent.

Before you buy or rent any real estate, you better share ideas with the right parties, even if it would cost you some money. Like the saying goes; ‘In the company of many, there is safety.

Bury the Bone

When most people are looking for a house to buy or rent, they are thinking about their dream home; they, however, do not care if it meets their budget or not. When house hunters find their ideal home, they usually want to source more funds to get it at all cost, oblivious of the fact that as a dog digs and buries a bone in wait for the rainy day, sometimes, you should stick to your budget.

A dog may not necessarily look for the biggest or most shinny bone to pick and hide, they just pick what they can carry. Whilst house hunting, it is important to work within a budget without compromising on what makes you happy about a house you are interested in. If you do not find what you are looking for in a house, keep searching until you find it. Your dog will always be happy with you no matter the kind of house you live in.


Have you watched how a dog caught a mouse or a game? It does it with extreme focus. When you want to buy or rent a house, you need to focus on what you want from beginning to end. Sometimes, if you leave the work for others, it is not done well; As the adage goes, ‘if you want something done well, you must do it by yourself. Owning a property in Ghana involves a lot; documentations, sight visits, consultants, laborers, and even dealing with landowners.

You should take your time to study events and documents so you hold stakeholders accountable for their actions.


One of the first things a dog thinks about is what it would eat and where it would have respite. Like dogs, house hunters are mostly thinking about the best food to eat and the best house to live in. As a house hunter, once you have such instincts, you should contact the right people and agencies to assist you to hunt for relevant properties.

Any house hunter who does not hunt could be presented with anything below level and expectations.

Trust Your Nose

One of the dogs’ best assets is their nose; without it, they become vulnerable to attacks by intruders and also it becomes difficult for them to find food and also find their way around. In journalism, any good journalist should have “nose-for-news”; this means that they should develop a good sense of events or news. Just as a journalist, house hunters should develop a keen interest in real estate and everything surrounding it.

Homebuyers or renters must be up to date with real estate trends and news within proximity. Knowledge about real estate would help house hunters to understand the business of real estate, thus, making it easy for them to make the right decisions.

Buying or renting a house in Ghana can be easy when you have the right guidance from a trusted agency or consultant.

If you are looking for house consulting, contact the nearest agency near you or you can book an appointment with Vaal.