growth of luxury real estate

The luxury real estate market in Ghana is experiencing significant growth in recent years due to various economic, demographic, and lifestyle factors. Here are some of the main factors driving the increasing demand for high-end properties in Ghana:

  • Ghana’s economy has seen steady growth over the past decade, with GDP growth averaging about 6-8% annually. This has led to rising incomes, especially among middle-class and high-net-worth individuals.
  • There has been increasing wealth accumulation among high net-worth individuals and expatriates working in Ghana, especially in sectors like oil and gas, financial services, mining, and telecom.
  • The rising incomes are resulting in higher disposable incomes and a greater appetite for luxury and premium real estate.
Favorable Demographics
  • Ghana has a relatively youthful population with a median age of about 21 years. The rising working population is fueling demand for housing.
  • There is a fast-growing middle class of young affluent professionals with high disposable incomes and a taste for modern and luxurious living.
  • The expatriate population in Ghana is also rising, creating demand for high-end residential properties.
Lifestyle Changes
  • Ghanaians increasingly embrace modern and cosmopolitan lifestyles, especially in cities like Accra.
  • The preferences are shifting towards more spacious homes, smart home technologies, and amenities like gyms, swimming pools, and home theatres.
  • There is a growing culture of investing in real estate and properties as status symbols. Luxury homes are seen as prestigious addresses.
Growing Tourism Potential
  • Ghana’s tourism potential is growing, with an increasing number of leisure and business travelers. This is creating demand for luxury hotels, villas, and apartments.
  • Coastal cities like Accra are attracting real estate investors looking to develop luxury properties for rental income potential from tourism.
Improved Infrastructure
  • Significant investments in roads, airports, and other infrastructure are enhancing accessibility and making regions like Accra more attractive for real estate development.
  • Areas around new highways and the expansion of Kotoka International Airport have seen increased activity in luxury real estate.
Government Support
  • The Ghanaian government has introduced tax incentives, subsidies, and friendly policies to encourage more real estate construction.
  • There are special incentives for foreign buyers to invest in luxury properties and high-end developers.
  • Public-private partnerships for large-scale luxury housing projects are also being promoted.
Growing Financial Sector
  • The financial sector in Ghana is expanding with more availability of mortgages and loans from local banks.
  • There are special mortgage schemes and products aimed at high-net-worth clients and luxury home buyers.
  • Access to finance is enabling more high-end real estate purchases and investments.

The combination of these drivers is creating greater appetite and lucrative opportunities for luxury real estate development in Ghana. With rising demand from high-income locals and expatriates, developers are scaling up on premium and sophisticated housing projects, especially in Accra and coastal regions. If the current trends continue, the luxury segment will become an even more prominent part of Ghana’s real estate landscape.

Promising Luxury Real Estate Developments in Ghana

Ghana’s real estate sector has seen remarkable growth in recent years, with several developers launching luxury residential projects across the country. These high-end developments cater to Ghana’s elite and diaspora community seeking quality homes and lifestyle-oriented amenities. Here is an overview of some of the most promising luxury real estate projects in Ghana:

  1. Lakeside Estate

Winner of the 2021 Real Estate Company of the Year, Lakeside Estate has positioned itself as a premier developer of luxury homes. Its flagship development is a resort-style gated community located next to a scenic lake in Botwe-Lakeside Estate, Accra. Homes feature contemporary architectural designs and access to a clubhouse, restaurants, swimming pools, and other luxury facilities within the estate.

  1. Devtraco Plus

With over 30 years of experience, Devtraco Plus has become synonymous with premium real estate in Ghana. The developer is renowned for its ultra-luxury mansions and apartment towers situated in prime areas like Airport Residential Area and East Legon. Devtraco Plus communities come fully fitted with smart home technology and 24/7 security.

  1. Trasacco Estates

Known for building creatively designed homes, Trasacco Estates is behind some of Ghana’s most exclusive residential enclaves. Its developments integrate green spaces and water bodies to create a resort-like feel. Current projects include villas within a golf course community as well as apartments with panoramic views over Accra.

  1. Eden Heights by Westhills

Nestled between the hills of Weija, Eden Heights brings a touch of nature to luxury living. Residents can access full-scale sports facilities, walking trails through green spaces, and a hilltop clubhouse with a standard swimming pool. Home designs incorporate natural materials and wide windows to enjoy scenic views.

  1. Imperial Homes

Imperial Homes cater to ultra-high-net-worth individuals with a focus on quality construction and superior finishing. The developer utilizes architecture and interior design services from around the world to construct one-of-a-kind mansion properties in areas like Osu and East Legon.

Key Growth Drivers Summarized

To summarize, here are the key factors fueling the growth of luxury real estate in Ghana:

  • Rising incomes and expanding middle class
  • Favorable youthful demographics
  • Increasing appetite for cosmopolitan lifestyles
  • Growing tourism potential
  • Improved infrastructure and accessibility
  • Government incentives and support
  • Increasing availability of financing
  • Developer interest and investments

Outlook for the Future

The demand drivers paint a very promising picture for the growth of Ghana’s luxury real estate segment going forward. Here are some closing outlooks:

  • Increasing development activity – More developers will undertake projects targeted at high-net-worth individuals, expatriates, and upper-middle-class locals.
  • Price growth – With rising land prices and construction costs, luxury properties will continue to see substantial price appreciation ahead.
  • New geographic locations – New luxury developments will come up in emerging areas like Greater Kumasi, Takoradi, Tamale apart from Accra.
  • More mixed-used projects – Developers will integrate luxury residences with hotels, offices, and high-end retail at prime locations.
  • Improved standards – Luxury projects will aim for higher quality architecture, construction, and interior designs comparable to global standards.
  • Innovative amenities – Extravagant amenities like private clubs, golf courses, marinas will become more common.

Overall, for discerning high-net-worth buyers and investors seeking the finest of real estate in Ghana, the expanding luxury segment presents exciting propositions for the future.

About VAAL Ghana

VAAL Ghana is a leading luxury real estate development agency in Ghana with several successful luxury developments in Kenya, Turkey, and recently Uganda. The company has over 20 years of experience in planning and constructing homes and apartments across Accra.

The Project: Harmonia Residence

VAAL Ghana has launched its newest luxury residential development called Harmonia Residence located in the Airport West residential area of Accra. The project consists of 1, 2, and 3-bedroom apartments and exclusive 5-bedroom penthouse units within a gated estate.

Key highlights of Harmonia Residence include:

  • Stylish architecture with modern African accents
  • All apartments have private balconies and floor-to-ceiling windows
  • Smart home technology integration
  • swimming pool, gym, sauna and shared gardens
  • Proximity to Kotoka International Airport and Accra malls
  • 24/7 estate management and security

With its strategic location, luxurious designs and facilities, the Harmonia Residence offers homebuyers a chance to own a prestigious address in Accra’s thriving Airport City. The project’s apartments and penthouses epitomize modern, exclusive living made possible by VAAL Ghana’s expertise in luxury real estate.

Why Invest with VAAL Ghana

Here are some key reasons why VAAL Ghana is a leading choice for luxury property investment in Ghana:

  • Proven track record of successful high-end developments
  • Builds to highest quality standards using latest construction techniques
  • Designs are based on in-depth market research and key buyer aspirations
  • Properties appreciate highly due to prime locations and facilities
  • Transparent legal paperwork and financing assistance
  • Properties managed professionally ensuring comfort and security
  • Flexible payment plans and guaranteed rental incomes on investment properties

VAAL Ghana aims to bring global standards and new innovations into the Ghanaian real estate landscape through all their developments. With Harmonia Residence, they have set a new benchmark in luxury, comfort and value within Accra’s residential market.


  • Which cities are the main luxury property markets in Ghana?

The main luxury real estate markets are in Accra, Greater Kumasi, Takoradi, and Tamale. Accra has the most high-end developments, followed by the Kumasi metro area. Coastal cities like Takoradi are also witnessing luxury projects aimed at foreign buyers and investors.

  • What kind of amenities define a luxury property in Ghana?

Typical amenities in luxury homes and apartments in Ghana include smart home technologies, infinity edge pools, home gyms and spas, golf simulators, wine cellars, cigar lounges, private parks and gardens, helipads, 24/7 security and more.

  • What is the average price range for luxury properties in Ghana?

In prime locations of Accra, luxury homes have average prices from US$250,000 to over US$1 million. Luxury apartments range from US$150,000 to US$500,000 on average. Penthouses and villas can cost over US$1 million.

  • What is the target customer profile for luxury real estate in Ghana?

The main clientele includes high-net-worth individuals, expatriates, foreign investors, upper-middle-class professionals, and diaspora Ghanaians seeking vacation homes or retirement properties.

  • Are mortgages readily available for luxury real estate purchases in Ghana?

Yes, most major Ghanaian banks do offer mortgage products aimed at luxury home buyers and investors. Special schemes with lower interest rates, longer tenures and flexible repayment options are being introduced to promote luxury market growth.